The service that helps big organizations to communicate with its employees or other stakeholders in the most positive and effective manner. 

  • Perfect for educational games or safety simulations
  • Provides smart solutions to motivate and engage employees and stakeholders and collect feedback also in conditions that might now feel challenging
  • Can also be used as a tool for developing new products/services to demo phase

Our experts will consult you for 3 sessions. First we will listen to your idea and map the best alternatives on working some gamification magic on it. Together we will figure out the best solution for you and make a plan for carrying it out.

We will also execute a small demo to show how the game/simulation will work. If you are interested in further co-operation we will make you an offer for the implementation of the full project.

Price: 5500€ (VAT 0)
Includes: 2h + 2h + 1h consulting, conceptual plan, concept art, a light demo version of the ready product 

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