Wizard Quest is a puzzle-style adventure game for mobile devices published in 2014. The player controls a wizard who uses the land around him as pieces for his spells: the landscape becomes the game board. The wizard will need to solve puzzles to keep on his journey and to fight the strangest monsters that block his path. As the game goes on, the character will learn new skills and find new powerful items that alter the gameplay. And along the way, the story behind the world will unfold bit by bit.

  • The depth of puzzle play, the variety of RPG’s, and all the action you could ever want
  • Unique match-3 spell casting system for navigation and combat
  • 25 quests with loads of monsters – and more to come!
  • Each monster creates a new puzzle game situation, affecting the best ways to use the pieces.
  • Weapon and Item conjuration and collection system – hundreds of kick-ass weapons and magic items to master!
  • Competitive Social World and Quest Leaderboards for Game Center and Facebook users.
  • Awesome pixel art and spellbinding fast tracker audio that will give you chills…