Playsign today is also an AR publishing platform, using the base for geolocated 3D applications on the Web that we have developed over the years. One of the recent AR services is with Air Quality data in Helsinki, piloted in Jätkäsaari in June-September 2021.  Details and instructions are available in Finnish now.

The data from Finnish Meteorological Institute is quite impressive thanks to the relatively dense air quality sensor network, and the new simulation model that they are developing (ENFUSER 2). We get the readily calculated overall Air Quality Index (AQI) in 8x8m resolution for the whole Helsinki metropolitan area. Also forecast for the next 24h so it’s possible for people to avoid upcoming problem spots in the city!

Other AR publications by Playsign include Oulu2026 AR that accompanied the winning bidbook in spring – Oulu will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026! Warjakka AR is used and continuously improved with TaikaBox in Oulunsalo. With schools, we made a pilot in Hiukkavaara in May. and there is an upcoming educational AR app coming to Suomenlinna, the Finnish castle in Helsinki, by us and Ludocraft, another Oulu based company. More about those later!