From urban plans into immersive environments for better communication and co-design.

Playsign is an efficient tool for drafting, testing, communicating and creating future plans with citizens and other stakeholders. It is an environment that can be visited, played, and experienced before any actual building takes place.


  • Showcase plans online

  • Draft new areas, test various alternatives

  • Communicate the plans efficiently with different audiences

  • Gather information of the needs and preferences of citizens

  • Experience the plans as an immersive 3D -experience

  • Monitor existing buildings, build a virtual community

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Playsign Intro Trailer v1 from Playsign on Vimeo.


Playsign is designed to support every phase of urban planning process.
Here’s some examples of use:

Example 1: Creation

Plan areas in 3D & Publish online

Build roads, parks and residential blocks

Use several map types as the base for
all plans

Citizens can plan their own versions and
comment on others.

 Example 2: Experience

Showcase plans online

Citizens can visit and experience the future areas

Hotspots: What kind of services would the citizens prefer here?

Open feedback & analytics tools

Simulated traffic and ambience to bring the plans to life

Example 3: Live

Monitor existing buildings: ideal for co-working spaces

Introduction to premises

Build a virtual community

Share on-time information on problems, local temperatures, free working spaces etc.

Dynamic use of BIM
(Building information modeling)




  • Interactive 3D-plans are easy to access & understand by all stakeholders

  • Engage desired audiences, analyse their behavior and preferences

  • Covers up every phase of urban planning process

  • Extremely light and easy to use web-based service

  • Compatible with most commonly used 3D -planning tools













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