Playsign stands for play your design.

We have a long history of making games and playful applications. In use of 3D Web applications for participatory urban planning we have strong collaboration with the University of Oulu.

Instead of making plain 3D – views of urban plans we create immersive experiences that engage the end-user as an active part of the planning process itself. We also have the tools to collect and analyze relevant data based on the actions and preferences of different audiences.


CEO / Designer
Dungeon Master


CTO / SW Architect
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Account Manager


Nosferatu Jr.


Alatalo, T., Pouke, M., Koskela, T., Hurskainen, T., Florea, C., & Ojala, T. (2017). Two Real-world Case Studies on 3D Web Applications for Participatory Urban Planning. Proc. Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on 3D Web Technology, Brisbane, Australia (Web3D ’17), New York, NY, USA, 1-9.