A new version of Playsign LIVE is in use in a pilot with three schools in Helsinki now, in autumn 2020. Here we combine building models, automatically generate from IFCs, and realtime data about both indoor conditions and energy use. The city of Helsinki has defined energy saving targets for each school and via our service the school kids themselves get to see how they are reaching the targets.

More information about the pilots and lessons are available in a nice article by the city in Finnish  – Google translate actually does a decent job with the translation to English.

The solution is well scalable: given suitable source data, we can automate the publishing of lots of buildings similarly, and also support for viewing large building complexes in parts is ready made now. School computers are not very powerful so we are happy that current optimizations work so that the pupils are able to view the buildings they are familiar with and get an interesting way to learn about air quality and energy use. Contact us to discuss how a suitable solution could be delivered for your use too!