This week is filled with program here at the opening of BusinessAsema(*), which is Oulu’s latest advance in leading the way in smart building development. BusinessAsema is an activity by the City of Oulu, but built by an impressive network of companies, small and big, who are bringing their products to make this newly renovated building a deeply integrated whole of various digital and physical services. Playsign is proud to participate!

Earlier we have used Playsign Live for use time of buildings, to visualize indoor conditions such as air quality. To make such a 3D application on the Web very light to use, we typically use very simple floor plan like models for this. More complex rich models are typically used earlier, in the various phases of the building planning process. However we are now using BusinessAsema to experiment use of a detailed model during the use time of the building. The BIM model (IFC format) was created by PAVE architects for BusinessAsema, which provided it for us to publish too. Under the hood we have now started using Tridify’s BIM to game engine import tool and are happy to report it works great!

Now we only have the static model on the Web as the base, suitable for testing the usability regarding download sizes and how well it runs on various devices.

(*) program of today in Finnish,