We have been participating in EU’s FI-ware programme that aims into developing Future Internet solutions. FI-ware assembles a set of building blocks that ease creation of smart Internet Applications. These blocks offer reusable and common shared functions serving multiple use cases in various sectors. All of the code built within this project is Open Source.

As a part of the project we have been planning working city-models as well. This is a joint-effort demo project and everything is still in the making – but you can take a glimpse at the work done HERE.

The simplified 3D-model –map shows the following information:

  •  Real-time information on city’s public transportation (one can actually see where the vehicles move on the map)
  • Real estate prices
  •  The location (and opening times) of different shops and services
  •  The possible malfunctions (roadworks, broken city lights, etc) on the map.

The information is collected from several sources and then visualised on the map of the city. We have selected Helsinki as the city used in the demo, but it is possible to broaden the scope to any area – city, country or why not a large shopping centre instead.

We are also a part of ITEA’s C3PO –project: “The Collaborative City Co-design platform”, which means that in the future we will be developing even more smart solutions for cities and other public spaces.

If you’re interested to hear more, please ask away!

The official page of C3PO –project HERE