Basically, advertising is all about gaining the audience’s attention and making them feel and think certain way about certain things. The advertising will most likely be more efficient if people like it, participate in it and the ad goes viral. Different rewarding systems have been used in advertising for ages. It’s no wonder that so many advertisers have shown such interest towards gamification.

Gamification can be used as a tool to get the audience to enjoy their stay on your website and bring their friends along, just like Gabe Zichermann states here. It can be used as a part of video to convince them that they want, for example, a new car. This car.

The best efforts go viral, like this already classic Tipp-ex commercial in Youtube.

The ad-campaigns for Dark Knight  in 2008 made people participate in them in a never-before-seen way and created an extended reality around the ad-campaigns.

Practically anything can be done to your advertising with using playfulness and gamification elements. The more surprising the end result is, the more people most likely enjoy it and the better the results will be.