A new year, and a new Playsign installment in Oslo, Norway!

COLLACAVE is a new collaboration space by Finnish Partners in Oslo, especially for built environment planning using 3D models.

Playsign Experience at the CAVE features a plan for Havneparken, Sandnes, by SPACEGROUP architects. Havneparken plan is already far along, and the Playsign site for it includes detailed BIM models, complete with detailed balconies etc. in the buildings for quite realistic views. As a demo of Playsign feedback tools, people can view alternative activities on a multipurpose outdoor sports and activities square. Simple social media like tools allow people to easily tell their preferences.

At the opening event on Monday 22nd, people also got to experience great, made for CAVE 3D experiences by UKI Architects, another Oulu company. Playsign specializes in web and mobile publishing for even large audiences, but is certainly great how CAVE, and maybe especially so-called Big Room, use helps in similar vain with participation an co-design in group settings. It is a big whole we need to build together, is awesome how the concrete setup of COLLACAVE was made swiftly by Finnish Partners and the network! Special thanks to CAVE by Collaprime, another Finnish technology partner now also in Norway.