Summer is coming (hopefully) and the summer trainees are already sending their applications everywhere! Recruiting is a time-consuming process and it is important to find the very best applicants from hundreds who look competent on the paper. Is there a way to save some time and make the process a bit more efficient and fun? Yes there is. Actually, plenty of ways. And some of them have already been invented!

Our team took part into making this cool way to recruit new employees – A Recruiting game called “Pestihack“. It is the first step of Codenomicon‘s summer-trainee recruiting process where the applicants must first solve a couple of problems before they can leave their contact information for their possible future employer.

Other good examples of making recruitment process more playful:

The best solutions start with good ideas and fit the recruiting company’s values & organizational culture like a glove. So, if your office is flooding with job applications and you’re hoping for a more efficient way of recruiting… who you gonna call? *ahem*