A unique chance to experience city plans in virtual reality (VR) on the actual site!

University of Oulu runs experiments with an immersive VR device out on the street. People can experience the VR versions of future plan alternatives for the city center at the actual location. The VR app includes a simple feedback tool where we shared the design from Playsign Web and mobile app. The participants are also interviewed for feedback, both about the plans and the technology.

Details with schedule and places for the experiments in August in Oulu, Finland are on the event’s Facebook page (in Finnish).

Playsign’s bread and butter is publishing city and architectural designs for easy access on the web and mobile devices. We are doing that for the same Oulu city center future vision content now. VR is also interesting for game-like exploration of real world built environment plans. Luckily the same 3D game engines are used for both, same content works. It is great to have this collaboration and we are looking forward to the results from the research!

These experiments are different from previous work on mobile AR and VR due to use of a dedicated high-performance PC for a high quality immersive VR — yet out on the street.