Playsign Create and Experience -tools are made for co-design – by co-designing! We have worked in collaboration with local city planners and architects in Finland, but also with the wider community in Europe and elsewhere. The C3PO project, lead by Barco within the industry lead European ITEA organization, has focused especially on taking co-design further and developing useful tools for true participation in city and area planning.

Our 3 year long trip with ITEA/C3PO has now concluded with interesting results, and passed the ITEA review succesfully in Brussels on Tuesday!

Playsign Experience was used to integrate both BIM based 3D models from Assar Architects and Createlli using their own web based platform.

Createlli specializes in co-design process consultation. Together we have integrated Playsign to their platform so that participation survey questions concerning building plans (in this case about biking facilities in a new hospital area planned in Brussels) show automatically in Playsign 3D environment from the Createlli survey database over a Web API.

This is an interesting and promising result for quick and nicely manageable ways of taking 3D usage to everyday practice in planning. We are happy that the technical demonstrator worked out nicely and are looking forward to taking these results from the development project to daily use in business!

More information about C3PO -project HERE.