In addition to the official Oulu City plans we are also honored to be working with an independent long-term grassroots vision for the future of our hometown, Oulu.

Oulu River Delta Vision 2100 project is lead by Dodo, an environmental organization, the association of industrial designers Proto and supported by Kanttia2 Architects and now Playsign Ltd as well.
In this Vision for the upcoming hundred years the focus is more utopian: How would you actually like to live? What kind of city structure would enable such living? The long time span allows more radical thinking of ways to maybe fix old structural problems a city has, and is stuck with for the short term.

River Delta Vision has been worked on in two open workshops so far. In first one the participants were allowed to dream of their future life and then draw concrete plans on a map. Then the architects collected the material and consolidated it into a plan in the meantime. Last week we had the fruitful 2nd workshop where the plan-in-progress was presented, and opened on the Web for viewing and further drawing on the Playsign platform. The plans can be experienced HERE.