This Monday we launched the latest addition to the Playsign toolkit: a live visualization of indoor conditions. Playsign Live combines both sensor data from IoT devices and human feedback about indoor conditions, such as air quality and temperature. This kind of virtual replicas of real world spaces combined with real-time information are often called Digital Twins.

First pilot is now running at a school in Oulu in collaboration with the facilities management department of the city (liikelaitos Oulun Tilakeskus). The goal is to eventually be able to cut energy use in for example school and office buildings. However it is essential to make sure that air quality is not sacrificed. We believe that combining both sensor data and human feedback is the way to manage the effort.

The pilot is done with the CityIoT project where University of Oulu hosts the servers for sensor data. The point in CityIoT is to use open APIs and standards so that any app developer can utilize it. Specifically CityIoT uses the Open Source FIWARE IoT Stack. We are happy with the collaboration and look forward to more and larger deployments of our IoT visualizations! For the human feedback we collaborate with who have years of experience from collecting information about indoor conditions.

The new Live module completes the Playsign platform to cover the whole built environment life cycle: building models from planning phases should not be discarded after building project is complete, but they can be utilized through the years when the building is in use as well.

UPDATE: some additional information in a small introductory presentation slideset.