Syrum  was published a couple of weeks ago. It’s a game about saving the world by running the drug business. The player becomes a scientist who is responsible for the medical company’s whole Research and development process and other actions as well. It’s not a lone job, though, since one can always ask help from their facebook friends.

Syrum will not necessarily teach you how to make drugs – it will teach you more about the business than the science. The player will, however, be able to try on a hat of a scientist, and the game is honestly more fun than some pure edutainment –centered science games that have been published before. The more traditional edutainment elements the game has, the less fun it usually it is to play – although I would have been very happy about this kinds of alternatives for learning all the books by heart when I still was at school. But, the less engaged and interested the players are, the less they will more likely learn about the topic.

The game elements can be used as a tool for solving real scientific problems as well, though, as also has been proved in the medical business.  So games can actually be good for the health of the mankind – although the opposite  is something you usually hear about.