CityIoT is a new project under the national Finnish 6Aika umbrella. The goal is to define a vendor independent IoT data service with well defined open APIs. Pilot applications and developing the business ecosystem for application developers, such as Playsign, is a key part of the project.

To get that work started CityIoT ran a one week idea sprint last week, and we are delighted that Playsign won the challenge. So we start adding features to Playsign for user participation in building management. Previously we have covered early planning and exploration of new building designs, but now will complete the offering for when the building is ready and in use.

Press release about Playsign from CityIoT (in Finnish).

We are not alone in this, but get to build the solution based on earlier work, and with partners. Right now in the Virpa C project results seminar companies, including Granlund, Siemens, Helvar and VTT, are presenting great results from early IoT and digital building management applications.