If one has a nice amount of money and lives in a welfare-state everything can be so easy that life becomes boring and depressing. No? Well, if you do not miss any more content or meanings, you can at least try to bring your life more order by gamifying it a bit with a simple point-system like Alexander Kalamaroff  has done @ lifehacker.com.

The system is simple and sounds interesting: by doing unpleasant things one achieves points that permits them to do enjoyable things, like spending money on good beer and fancy coffee. There are also long-term goals that make the whole project more interesting. The main idea is to get oneself to do some daily unpleasant tasks, like cleaning up bathroom or keeping up with (a little) unpleasant relatives.

Maybe I should try this kind of system myself, I though… but then I couldn’t help but wonder how this system could be turned into something else than just a “collect points- earn rewards” thing. I kind of started to miss the story aspect (which i really see as the fun part) of gamification!

This might go a bit over the top, but what about if one started to see their whole life as a game – with an incredible storyline? How about using one’s imagination, setting up new, compelling storylines and goals? Trying new viewpoints, roles and goals, for example becoming a benefactor solving mysteries like Amélie Poulain? And then inspire others by writing a great blog about it? 🙂