A serious topic, depression, has been made into a game, “the Depression Quest”. It is not a game about “Who is best at being depressed”, but a game that aims at a better understanding of your near ones who live their lives under some sort of depression. For healthy people, the decisions and feelings of a depressed one can often seem very far-fetched and illogical, “Why don’t you just cheer up”, they might wonder.

The game is very slow-paced and practically consists of loads of reading and a truly depressing, though beautiful, soundtrack. Maybe it’s not the most cheerful thing to try out on a Monday-morning – but if you think or know that someone you love might suffer from depression, this game might help you to recognize or understand the symptoms better.

Depression quest is a fine example of how gamification is not just about scoring points and being the best: it’s also a way to gain new viewpoints and experiences as it is a tool for better understanding.