The short definition of gamification goes something like this: “Applying game mechanics to (practically anything) to motivate and engage people. ”. When you are gamifying your business, you are most likely aiming to get more attention, participation or/and business.

When setting up a business, the important thing (among many other important things) is to take the following things into consideration:

1)      What is your (core) idea?

2)      What value does it bring ( to who?)

3)      How does your business make money?

4)      How do your customers find your service/product?

Gamification can be applied to all these fields and it can improve your business in many ways. gives an interesting example of  Samsung gamifying their loyalty program on their website: The idea was to gain more user-generated content and traffic on their website.

So they gamified the whole customer loyalty programme, giving the customers for example a chance of leveling up, unlocking badges and so on.

The end result was that 66% more users were submitting 447% more product answers on their website.

The increased amount of user-generated content caused 34% of the website users to put 224% more items to their shopping-carts.

A quick conclusion: Mission was accomplished with a drastic change.

How about boosting your own business with our services? 😉

WARNING: Gamifying your business can should make it more fun