Gamification is, in a way, all about rewarding your audience. People get the chance to take part to – whatever has been gamified – and they get something nice in return for their effort (points, stories, experiences, knowledge, amusement, all kinds of possible stuff…). What about instead of a reward one would get a punishment – like in this  Mikado-cookie advertising site that tests the visitors willpower to resist the cookies?

The amount of the different punishments for the Mikado-craving consumer seems to be endless – and in a way it is a reward itself. The pleasure of discovering just what might happen next, you know. But come on, I’m not a masochist, where’s my cookie? I just watched 20 different punishment, where’s my reward? (Unfortunately I do not think that one can buy these cookies in Finland).

So, in a way, i just got annoyed now. Luckily good old Old Spice knows how to reward their audience properly.